Places I like.

I like to travel as much as possible. It is a challange for me to discover new places and see different things.

It might be a bit boring if you cannot share your memories and therefore this section is dedicated to some of my journeys. It is just a beginning and by no means complete.

It is always very difficult to share private feelings and most of the time pictures that are very special for yourself mean nothing to another person.

On this site you'll find a selection of pictures I made during the last years. I tried to choose those ones, which, in my eyes, catch the atmosphere of the location. They perfectly represent this special, unique moment.

  1. EGYPT
  1. FRANCE (not yet available)
  1. SPAIN (not yet available)
  1. THAILAND (not yet available)
  1. UNITED KINGDOM (not yet available)
  1. USA
  1. Dallas, TX
  1. Texas
  1. Tucson, AZ